We are a laid-back and active multi-gaming group that is focused on gaming in Rust, CS:GO, & Arma 3. We have a highly dedicated group of administrators that monitor our servers and are always happy to be friendly and assist our members even with the smallest of issues. We offer you an invitation to join our official group servers, our Teamspeak, and discord. If you want a challenge, join one of our servers and play with the best we have. 

Welcome to Total Unlimited Gaming

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  • Our Story:

    Total Unlimited Gaming community was founded in early 2017. The community was established to provide a fun, laid back environment for all players to call home.

    We aim to operate servers in a variety of popular games and provide first class gaming solutions to all of members. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a globally recognised name for ourselves, and to establish ourselves as one of the world's most popular international communities.

    None of this can be achieved without the help of eternally dedicated and hard working staff team, made up of members of the community who wish to contribute on a higher level, ranging from in game admins and moderators to the development team which keeps all of the servers running and constantly updated with the latest unique features to keep our servers on top.

    Total Unlimited Gaming has a bright future with new ideas, and our Arma 3 Takistan server soon to be released.

  • We Promise:

    We promise to provide a fun, enjoyable and lasting gaming experience during your time with us as a member. In return we will:

    • Act professionally according to our community morals.
    • Continue to host and keep our services live 24/7.
    • Frequently update our community website about any changes.
    • Provide an active ande dedicated staff team that shares the same passion for gaming like our members.
    • Encourage members in participation and involement in community decision which will affect us all.
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