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  2. If you have some experience in re-texturing vehicles, uniforms etc we are looking for a new graphics designer. If you can post some of your work, it'll be great to see it. @C. Harper He is very good at making textures and probably one of the most outstanding developers I know. So keep up the good work Harper.
  3. If you have experience in skinning, why dont you show your designs that YOU have done. Cause i skinned for GTA4 and 5. So i like to see if this has been taken off so other developer who actually took time and effort to do the skins and i mean not to stick a logo on the side of the car fully design the car from scratch..
  4. Last week
  5. Any way I could do something like this? I have experience in skinning vehicles, especially police, I made lots of police car skins for GTA5?
  6. Go on BBC 2 RADIO and look for Jermey Vine.
  7. Harper is it on youtube?
  8. Jeremy Vine: Disrespecting those who Fought in the War! On 17th August 2017, a man named Jeremy Vine was on Radio 2 and said a lot of disrespectful things about the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and comparing a BBMF Plane to “a MOP”. Yes, the ones that are used to clean the floor… He compared it to that and saying that they are useless and stupid. Which I think at that point everyone who heard that was disgusted and offended of such words. I will have him know that those Planes are not like “a MOP” they are “Freedom Fighters”. The BBMF Planes were there to stop the German Luftwaffe and stopped the invasion of Britain. If it wasn’t for the BBMF Planes then probably most of us wouldn’t be here, more of our families would/could’ve been killed. Those Servicemen and Women who used those planes and fought against the German’s and sacrificing their own lives to others and for the countries freedom! These Wonderful machines have made History. Every time I’ve been to an Air show and the BBMF Planes fly over or take off and fly in formations, I will see Servicemen, Veterans and members of the public that are in tears and remembrance of those who flew and associated in the War makes it a special event. Now for him to say such things and disrespecting our British Machinery and our Servicemen who fought for other countries and ours. Makes me feel disgusted of him. Now many people are wanting him removed off BBC and there is a big petition that has already gone over 800,000 petitions as many people are so disgusted of the way to disrespect those who fought for us... Lest We Forget...
  9. Welcome To TUG My Friend If u have any Concerns or issues Please Contact me Or any Admin Steven Simsons Community Director
  10. hey guys whats up, i'm Mori short for Morias. new guy to the community and looking forward to playing with you guys
  11. Dear Programmers, Story writers, Song writers I have started a draft for a new project along with my current Runescape project i want to work on starting to draft ideas for our very own MMORPG want to be involved??? Get in touch with myself! GTnKGaming
  12. Hey guys GTnKGaming here I am the owner of the Runescape server here at TUG, We are currently starting work on development, Our server is going to be a Jagex like private server i am completely open to suggestions and feedback. I look forward to playing with you all Thanks TUG Runescape Team GTnKGaming
  13. Added - If the text is shown like this, It means something has been added to the server Changed - Something has been changed Removed - We have removed something from the server
  14. Hi, I'm Tom but i prefer to be called Steward. I'm glad to join your community. I live in Poland, my hobby is history and military equipment also i started playing guitar few months ago. That's pretty much it, thanks for adding me !
  15. Earlier
  16. Hi Everyone My Name Is Steven Simsons Im the new Community Director Of TUG i am so happy to be apart of this community an i look forward to working/Playing with each and every one of you and if u have Questions/Concerns/Comments please Come ask. Thank You Steven Simsons Community Director
  17. we wish you all the best for the future and was good having you here.
  18. As of today i will be leaving the TUG community for a number of reasons its been somewhat fun being apart of this community while it lasted however i belive its time i move onto something else now, The community will do whatever its doing i just wont be there to assist and we have other community staff to help people out that arnt just me now so, there are a number of issues with have been brought up within the community but got ignored so there isnt much i could anymore towards and my position soon became pointless in the end in my opinion, this is just the opinion of my own and my time as being part of the community staff i do wish the community well with me leaving, thanks for having me in the time i was here
  19. This free to play game is like PUBG but without the massive price tag, I have recently started playing and found it to be very similar to PUBG. It is in early stages and there are some features different like the zone moves in faster and no vehicles. It is good however if you want to play a battle royal game with your friends due to the fact that this game is free. Check it out at: http://store.steampowered.com/app/506540/Last_Man_Standing/
  20. Foxhole is a massively multiplayer game where you will work with hundreds of players to shape the outcome of a persistent online war. This is the ultimate game of collaborative strategy and tactics. Every action you take can have a powerful and permanent effect across a vast world in a constant state of war. This is a fantastic world war two strategy game, where you have to build a army, gather resources, build a base etc. Foxhole is in early alpha, with regular updates.
  21. Instead of an event idea how come we set a date to where all TUG members hop on the Malden sever and play for at least and hour that way our sever can get higher on the sever list and hopefully get reconsidered.
  22. Any suggestions and/or ideas about the Police department in anyway will be both appreciated and welcomed since it is my job to make sure everyone on the sever has both a pleasant and memorable time while on TUG life server/'s. If you do not wish to post them here feel free to PM me at any time. -Commissioner Of Police Michael.
  23. Hey guys! We've changed hosting for our TeamSpeak server. ts3.tugaming.co.uk:40125 may still point to the old IP while it updates DNS, so the current direct IP connect is as follows: There will be a small adjustment period where you'll need server groups updated. Please wait in the "Waiting for perms" channel and a staff/founder will be with you as soon as possible.
  24. Date: 12/08/2017 Name: J. Glenn Version: 1.0.0 Features in Development: Changed - The UN Forums section to the Border Force
  25. Hello TUG Members. This article will consist of the latest TUG news and what is buzzing around the community. Malden Life If you do not already know TUGaming has changes the location from Takistan to Malden. The Server will be officially launching on 20.08.17 to the public, and we have implemented some great new features for example you are now able to craft your own weapons etc. With the new release of the up coming life server, the development team are currently developing some new features and introducing new factions which will be released in upcoming patches. Police Department The Malden Police Department has now opened applications, anybody interested in becoming a police cadet can now apply and go through the recruitment steps. TUG We would also like to welcome the new members who have join our community and hope you enjoy your time here. As some of you may already know, recently we have had another community merge into Total Unlimited Gaming and there will be a community meeting in the next week to discuss current and future changes to the community and this will also give the members the opportunity to get your say across, if you have any suggestions or comments about the community let us know. Please come back latter for additional information.
  26. Total Unlimited Gaming TeamSpeak Rules No statements of racism, bigotry, or anti-Semitism are allowed on the Teamspeak server under any circumstance. This includes your Teamspeak display name(Nickname) and avatar image.. Do not under any circumstance include TUG tags in your name unless you are an active TUG member. Do not consistently jump from channel, to channel, this can be disturbing to users and disrupts their game play and conversations. Please under no circumstance spam your microphone in a channel. No music should be played through microphones unless everyone in the channel was prepared and agreed to it. Do not poke, message, or harass any member of the community with unsolicited requests for help, ban disputes, or compensation requests. These should all be handled by the appropriate channels on the TUG website. Do not jump into a channel with the intention of trolling the occupants. Be respectful to the people that already occupying the channel.
  27. Changed - The United Nations Ranks and Icons to Malden Border Force Ranks & Icons: UN Major - MBF Director UN Captain - MBF Deputy Director UN Lieutenant - MBF Assistant Director UN Colour Sergeant - MBF Senior Officer UN Sergeant - MBF Higher Officer UN Corporal - MBF Officer UN Lance Corporal - MBF Assistant Officer UN Private - Removed
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