We are a laid-back and active multi-gaming group that is focused on gaming in Rust, CS:GO, & Arma 3. We have a highly dedicated group of administrators that monitor our servers and are always happy to be friendly and assist our members even with the smallest of issues. We offer you an invitation to join our official group servers, our Teamspeak, and discord. If you want a challenge, join one of our servers and play with the best we have. 

Welcome to Total Unlimited Gaming

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  • Thank You For Wanting To Join TUG!

    Joining TUG Is Simple: 
    While we are open to having anybody in our community we do look for people who will be active in the community. We understand people do have reasons to take a leave of absence but we do ask for communication and at least make a topic in the members section if something in real life has come up and you need to take care of it. Real life will always have priority in all situations, we simply ask to just fill us in if you need to be away for awhile and so forth. You do not need to go into detail on the situation, just give us a heads up that's all in the members section. 

    Requirements To Be Accepted As An Official TUG Member: 
    We are glad that you have chosen =TUG= as a place to stay and we will be looking over your application and will get back to you shortly with your status in the auto generated thread your application will make. We do require new recruits to do a few things not only to prove they plan on participating and being active but it also gives everyone in a community a chance to meet and greet you as a person as well. While we are a laid back community we do ask for participation. It doesn't have to be 24/7 within the community, but participation is what makes this community grow and brings members together. 

     You must make a introduction post located here: Introduce Yourself.
     Fill out a application located at the bottom of this page.
     Have at least 10 forum posts.
     Visit our Teamspeak.

    Those five things above are simply so we can gauge who we are letting into the community. In your introduction post just simply say hi, how you found us or anything really. Your recruitment app is simply there so the recruitment department can know who is coming in and who to look out for in Discord and give them applicant tags and so forth. The five forum posts (which your application and introduction count as two) is simply so we can get you to say hi and some interaction among the community.

    Just A Little Recap

    Thank you again for your upcoming application and we look forward to gaming with you soon. Don't forget to check back for your recruitment status frequently and join us in Teamspeak when you can. If you have any questions please feel free to ask any member of =TUG= as most questions can be answered pretty simply. If your question requires special attention a admin will be directed to you. Again, thanks for your interest in joining the TUG community!

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  • Frequent Questions That Get Asked Alot

    What do I need to say in my Introduction post?
    This can be anything really. Just say hi, who you are, how you found us or even just a general whats up. It does not need to be overly complicated. We are a gaming community and more so a family. It's would be like walking into someones house and just shaking a few hands just letting people know who you are and so forth. You can always just say "Hi, my name is Bob or Susan and I play Hello Kitty Island Adventure! Glad to visit TUG!". Seriously, don't over think it. 

    Do I Have To Fill Out A Application?
    Yes. This is mainly so we can keep track of who is coming in, what game you are joining us for and how you found us. This lets us know what areas of gaming are doing well and what avenues members are finding us through. 

    No One Is Replying To My Application?
    All personal reply's and such will be made on your introduction post, not your application. Your application is simply that, your app. It's just there for the recruitment department themselves and they will be the only ones replying on it for the most part. The community itself will be more focused on your introduction since that's where you are saying hi to everyone, not your app. 

    Discord - Just A General Overview Of Basic Concerns
    We are aware that some people are simply not comfortable using their actual voice to talk and may be shy or weary of strangers you are meeting on the internet for the first time but please do not let that discourage you. Just read below and you will find we are very relaxed when dealing with issues like those within our community.

     You can download Discord here: Download Discord
     Our Discord Server Info: https://discord.gg/E2ZgrsY

    We do ask that you join Discord as it does promote a fun environment while you are gaming. Even our founder was once a very shy individual when he first started gaming and being on a VOIP program like Discord. But over time it truly will bring you out of your shell and you'll start having a great time with everyone giving live feedback and really feel like you are communicating as a team. If you'd like to just hang out in the "I'm new lobby" you can do that until you get comfortable joining a room with 10+ people or simply typing in the Discord chat box until you get the courage to speak as well. 

    Am I Forced To Wear TUG Tags?
    This one is a very grey area so let me explain a few things. If you are on something like Steam no, you do not need to make your Steam name "=TUG= Karl123". Your name is your name, simple as that BUT we would expect you to join the Steam group since you are part of the TUG community. Games like Planetside, Battlefield and such have platoons and outfits that you join that will automatically add the community tag to your name. Again, you keep your name, you don't have to change it, just join our outfit/platoon. Games such as MMO's have guilds and work the same way. If you have further questions then please, seek the game admin and ask them since each gaming section has different avenues for 'clan' type features. 

    I Have A Question But Its Not Listed Here?
    Please then feel free to message anyone on the recruitment staff with any of your worries or concerns or simply make a post in the recruitment section with anything you may need answered. 


  • Getting 10 Posts

    It really is not that hard to get the simple 10 posts needed. Just reply to your introduction thread or your app. If you want to be so bold then you can even make your own topics or reply to others that may intrest you.

    • 1st post:
              - Introduction Thread.

    • 2nd post:
              - Your Application

    • 5th post:
              - Replies To Both.

    • 5th - 10th post:
              - Post/Replies to New/Old Threads