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  1. If you have experience in skinning, why dont you show your designs that YOU have done. Cause i skinned for GTA4 and 5. So i like to see if this has been taken off so other developer who actually took time and effort to do the skins and i mean not to stick a logo on the side of the car fully design the car from scratch..
  2. Go on BBC 2 RADIO and look for Jermey Vine.
  3. Jeremy Vine: Disrespecting those who Fought in the War! On 17th August 2017, a man named Jeremy Vine was on Radio 2 and said a lot of disrespectful things about the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and comparing a BBMF Plane to “a MOP”. Yes, the ones that are used to clean the floor… He compared it to that and saying that they are useless and stupid. Which I think at that point everyone who heard that was disgusted and offended of such words. I will have him know that those Planes are not like “a MOP” they are “Freedom Fighters”. The BBMF Planes were there to stop the German Luftwaffe and stopped the invasion of Britain. If it wasn’t for the BBMF Planes then probably most of us wouldn’t be here, more of our families would/could’ve been killed. Those Servicemen and Women who used those planes and fought against the German’s and sacrificing their own lives to others and for the countries freedom! These Wonderful machines have made History. Every time I’ve been to an Air show and the BBMF Planes fly over or take off and fly in formations, I will see Servicemen, Veterans and members of the public that are in tears and remembrance of those who flew and associated in the War makes it a special event. Now for him to say such things and disrespecting our British Machinery and our Servicemen who fought for other countries and ours. Makes me feel disgusted of him. Now many people are wanting him removed off BBC and there is a big petition that has already gone over 800,000 petitions as many people are so disgusted of the way to disrespect those who fought for us... Lest We Forget...
  4. UNDER REVIEW Your Request will be Interviewed by a Administrators and Above if necessary. Please do not attempt to spam as this will be an Automatic Decline of Request. Thank You, C. Harper
  5. FOR TITLE TYPE: YOUR NAME - Unban Request Name: Your Name Staff Member who Banned you: Staff Member Duration of Ban: Hours/Day/Permanent? Reason of Ban: --- Why do you think you should be un-banned: ---
  6. Date: 10/08/2017 Name: C. Harper Version: 1.0.0 Features in Development: Added - Profile Music Changed - Malden Life Page with Information
  7. This is where all the updates which are made by the Website Development Team are logged for members to see what fixes & changes are being made to the Website. Key: Added - This is what key would be used if anything is added onto the website like new pages etc. Changed - This key would be used for something that has change and will either act/look different. Removed - This key would be used if something was to be deleted from the Website.
  8. It would be Different for other Life Servers as it will have strict ROE (Rules of Engagements) and Code of Conducts and strictly no Fail RP which will result in black-list straight away from me. As i totally hate especially if it would be my faction i would hate any member of my faction to break any rules as would make me remove them as AEGIS is a Proffessional and full of Elite Agents and Contractors. As well as the AEGIS Agents have to fill in these contract forms each time they do a Contract so i can keep all contracts filed and make sure agents are doing Contracts and are Active. Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p4oWndslAzktpXmawmdPHpoGr-_6qHvrhWyNYAs7DaU Thank You, C. Harper Future CEO of AEGIS
  9. As Malden will be released soon for its Alpha Release. Some of these will be accounted for and will be judged if we should/shouldn't allow them in as a Staff Team Meeting. Thank You, C. Harper Malden Developer
  10. ____________________________________________________________________________________ AEGIS [Private Military Company] is a British private military and private security company with overseas offices in Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Somalia, Mozambique and now in Malden. That has variety of Missions and jobs that they can/will do to get the job done. This would be beneficial to the server as it would create a new opportunity for players to join and become a AEGIS Contractor. AEGIS would be a Proffessional Faction and would be the utmost respectful Faction, anybody who does not listen to the chain of command, the handbook or either the code of conduct can/will be removed out of the faction. The Rank Structure would be laid out like this from Highest to Lowest: CEO of AEGIS Second in Command Head Instructor Instructor Team Manager Senior Contractor Contractor Trainee Contractor Some of the textures of AEGIS have already been done but will be released in the next update if we can agree on allowing this faction in. As i would like this Faction in for the community and be beneficial. As well as sorting the rank structure, the handbook, textures, code of conduct as i have also made documentation for AEGIS for a period of time only. Links to Documents: AEGIS Orbat: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zzPrFmS9TBICa-ffKJhjubVirxXqIWbOcUW7g3zpN0s/edit?usp=sharing AEGIS Mission: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dVEkLvQvW5t80526OqNfnX1enmQep_6Roq89SBPZYPk/edit?usp=sharing Any Questions or queries about AEGIS [Private Military Company] please come to me in Teamspeak or message me through the Website. Thank You, C. Harper Malden Developer Teamspeak Developer
  11. Hello Everyone, As some of you may know me, im C. Harper the Server Developer and Graphics Developer for TUGaming and developing for the Malden Server. I have created some Textures for the Police Faction. I would like your opinion on some of these textures that would be added to the Malden Server. The Link is Below to all of the images. Link: http://imgur.com/a/VeK7J Thanks, C.Harper