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  1. Date: 12/08/2017 Name: J. Glenn Version: 1.0.0 Features in Development: Changed - The UN Forums section to the Border Force
  2. Changed - The United Nations Ranks and Icons to Malden Border Force Ranks & Icons: UN Major - MBF Director UN Captain - MBF Deputy Director UN Lieutenant - MBF Assistant Director UN Colour Sergeant - MBF Senior Officer UN Sergeant - MBF Higher Officer UN Corporal - MBF Officer UN Lance Corporal - MBF Assistant Officer UN Private - Removed
  3. Removed - The Channel groups "Operator" & "Voice" as they served no purpose and not needed.
  4. Added - An SCO tag for the Police Officers which are apart of the SCO Sub Faction of the Police.
  5. Added - A Website Development Sub Section in the Development Staff area on ServerGroups containing groups: Forum Manager Forum Moderator Website Developer
  6. Added - All Police Force & United Nations Ranks, Including their talk/member add powers
  7. Added - A New Channel group which is used for custom/private channels: Channel Owner -
  8. Changed - The way the Development Staff tags are laid out in order for it to be more organised: ===Department Tags=== ==Teamspeak== Head of Teamspeak Development Teamspeak Developer -TUG Bot Developer ==Server== Director of Development Developer -Server Developer -Graphics Developer -Scripting Developer -Map Developer ==Misc== Server Co-ordinator Website Developer File Transfer Staff Whisper Developer Whisper
  9. Changed - The order of the staff ranks to: Founder Community Manager Staff Director Lead Administrator Senior Administrator Administrator Senior Moderator Moderator Trial Staff Head Support Support Team Trainee Support
  10. Changed - The Faction Leader & Faction Supervisor Channel group can drag any member/staff member up to admin in and out of their Faction Channels but only when you are in one. For Example, I as a Faction Leader in the UN Major Channel can only drag people from any UN Channel (My Office, Captain's Office, High Command, Lounge & Meeting Room) but I cannot drag anyone from outside these channels into them.
  11. Added - Police/SCO19 & United Nations Takistan Life Channels below the Wasteland channels ready for when the server is released.
  12. This is where all the updates which are made by the Teamspeak Development Team are logged for members to see what fixes & changes are being made to make the server run correctly and all the permissions are in order. Key: Added - This is what key would be used if anything is added onto the teamspeak such as a "Server/Channel" group etc. Changed - This key would be used for if a certain permission or group was changed in a way which would affect members Removed - This key would be used if something was to be deleted from the Teamspeak.
  13. Date: 12/08/2017 Name: J. Glenn Version: 1.0.0 Features in Development: Changed - The UN Command and Faction tags to Malden Border Force Faction & Malden Border Force Command
  14. Would be nice if the " Why do you think you should be un-banned:" question was answered with correct spellings and actually sounded sincere (Apologetic).
  15. Welcome back!:D