We are a laid-back and active multi-gaming group that is focused on gaming in Rust, CS:GO, & Arma 3. We have a highly dedicated group of administrators that monitor our servers and are always happy to be friendly and assist our members even with the smallest of issues. We offer you an invitation to join our official group servers, our Teamspeak, and discord. If you want a challenge, join one of our servers and play with the best we have. 

Welcome to Total Unlimited Gaming

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  • Total Unlimited Gaming Official Rules


    Hello and welcome to Total Unlimited Gaming's rules. In order to maintain a high quality of roleplay, we have community rules which all members must follow. Please take time to read the information on this page to ensure you have the best experience on our community servers. We must have strict rules, this allows us to maintain a high standard of roleplay on our servers.

    We are not just a gaming community, we are also a serious roleplay community, if you are coming from a previous communities, please forget everything as we operate very different here and our life servers are very much mainly focused around Roleplay rather than continuous combat. If you want constant combat we recommend playing on a wasteland server. We are a very friendly community, as we consider ourselves to be a adult community we expect all members to respect other members and the staff team. If you are unsure about a rule, speak to a administrator to prevent getting in trouble. Please be aware these are the official rules, if you are told different please disregard it unless you’ve been told by a member of the staff team otherwise.



    General Rules


    (1.1)  Bullying is punished by a permanent pan without a possible ban appeal.

    (1.2) Discrimination of any sort isn’t tolerated and will resort in a permanent ban.  


    (1.3)  Swearing at any community member or staff member is not tolerated and result with a one day ban.


    (1.4) Any attempted to attack or disrupt our community infrastructure is not tolerated, including threatening a member  will result in a permanent ban and we take threats very seriously. We will work with the local police enforcement agencies and supply the necessary evident to lead to a conviction.


    (1.5) The community staff team have the authority to ban any members from the community and including the servers, if they are continuously disruptive to the community or if we have a sufficient reason to believe they are here to cause trouble.


    (1.6) In roleplay every situation can be different and not everything can be detailed within the community rules and because we are a adult community it simply comes down to basic common sense. Do not swear at people out of roleplay, troll people or bullying people will result in a instant ban from our servers.


    (1.7) Posting personal information or photos of other members without their consent will result in a permanent ban without a ban appeal.



    In-Game Rules


    (2.1) Vehicle Deathmatch also known as VDM - This means using any vehicle as a weapon for example running down civilians, causing explosion, and ramming etc, which will result in you receiving a ban from the server. This rule is excluded for the two following vehicles (Hunter, and Strider) these can only be used to disable other vehicles but not to cause harm or death. You must initiate roleplay before using these vehicles to disable. The chase must have been at least three minutes before ramming the vehicles.

    (2.2) Random Deathmatch (also known as RDM) - Shooting at someone without engaging in any form of quality role play (eg. Giving enough time for them to comply with your order. Count downs are not considered quality roleplay, please at least attempt to create an interesting roleplay story before considering shooting.) is considered RDM. (Punishment is a ban).


    (2.3) Combat logging at any point during RP is exploiting. Some examples of this include: logging out during a firefight, being chased by the police, arrested by the police, while dead awaiting a medic, logging out in order to save gear, rage-quitting, logging out whilst restrained/detained (Punishment is a ban, which may be permanent. *) *If you must leave the game due to real life you need to message a admin*


    (2.4) Trolling - The following examples are considered trolling however there are multiple others so we advise common sense. Running around the police/medics/anyone, throwing yourself in front of vehicles, playing music in any chat or on teamspeak, bombarding the messaging system, jumping off buildings without RP *Punishment is a ban, or permanent ban depending on the severity*.  


    (2.5) NHS Medics -The NHS are here to help and revive people and have less than 05 slots on the 75 slot server. It is a bannable offence to kill a medic, take their vehicle or take them hostage.


    (2.6) Please keep all aviation vehicles about 250 meters especially over any green zone.  


    (2.7) Players must value their lives.


    Roleplay Rules

    (3.1) All players must remain in character at all times, unless a Admin permits you to speak out of character. Roleplay all situations.

    (3.2) Microphones are required to play on our servers


    (3.4) You must be on Teamspeak while playing on the server and in the correct channel.


    (3.5) Baiting - Baiting cops or other players just for a gunfight is not roleplay. *Punishment is a ban* Flying over a area waiting to be shot down is fail roleplay.


    (3.6) Police, or Border Control must give at least one warning by sending a message clearly indicating the target and their intentions to fire upon the helicopter with sufficient amount of time for the pilot to respond.


    (3.7) When your communication device has been taken away from other players, you are not allowed to use external methods to communicate with anyone else. You are only allowed to use direct chat.


    (3.8) Roleplaying as real life terrorist groups for example ISIS will result in a permanent ban.



    TeamSpeak Rules


    (4.1) Being disrespectful towards members of the community including staff members is not tolerated and will be issues with a warning or ban which is down to the discretion.

    (4.2) Advertising is not allowed unless you’ve been giving permission from a senior management member.


    (4.3) Voice changes, & soundboards - These are not allowed in public channels including  NHS, Police, & border control you will be warned, kicked or banned if done continuously.


    (4.5) Offensive avatars should not be used and will result kick or your avatar being disables.


    (4.6) Music is only allowed in the music channel or private rooms. Anyone caught playing music in public channels will be kicked from server or banned.