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Basic Survival Guide



It is important to know that this guide is based on own experiences and strategies - the way you will exterminate everyone on the server to make yourself be feared can be very nasty and rude. 
Please keep in mind that this guide is not about fair play, nor it promotes helping other Rusters ingame.
If you enjoyed this guide, don't hesitate to rate 5 stars, add to faves or comment ;)

Updates coming soon into the guide after some experience: 

  • Raid with C4, usage of C4 (done)
  • How to handle durability (done)
  • No more self-regenerating buildings, new raid possibilities (done)
  • How to build your house for most efficient safety
  • Add values for metal level building (done)
  • Add repair system (more or less done)
The basics for the start
Before you start to play, make sure to find a decent server with about 30 to 60 players, preferably a fresh server. 

You start on the beach, you have a rock and a torch - that's it, nothing more or less. It's a far way to become the Terminator in the server. 
You should go to an area with a lot of trees in it, so that farming wood is quickly done. Go for 200 wood at start, then search a stone and collect 100 pieces. 
Important: The rock has about 115 hits durability, keep this in mind.

Make immediately a stone hatchet. 
One very important thing you have to do while gathering:
Circuit your tree/stone while gathering, you have to look around you in case someone wants to stab you from behind
Go for more wood and craft at the same time the required stuff which is as fellow in that order:
  • Wooden Spear
  • Paper
  • Building Plan
  • Hammer

About 10.000 wood is enough to start a little house somewhere in a forest, it doesn't have to be big , you will know the reason later.
After the house
So you did your house now and you have no idea what to do next?

It is important now that you keep your house's location in mind. 
Go around the area and take a look at the following stuff:
  • Other houses; good to raid later
  • Barrels; go for them to get useful blueprints or items
  • Territory (hills,ditch,mountain,grass,...); you will have to know it for later

So, let me explain what to do as first step while going around, beside what to look for.
Go for the barrels
the things required to make your way to exterminate all:
  • Code lock blueprint (2-3 code locks as item are also okay)
  • Bow and Arrows (preferably bow blueprint, arrows as item/bp)
  • Hatchet (not required but very useful)

While you look for them, make sure to go for harmless animals (no bears/wolves) - you will need the cloth (30) to make a sleeping bag.

After you have them, you can use now your knowledge of the area you should have gotten by moving around. 
Go back to your house and put in a sleeping bag, if you have anything rare in your inventory, leave it at home as long as it is not one of the following items (so these you have to keep with you):
  • Hatchet
  • Hammer
  • Building Plan
  • Bow + Arrows
  • Code Lock
  • Medical care (e.g. bandage)

Now you are ready to start operation "Exterminate the server"
How to kill others in close combat
These are some tricks for killing others with weapons like Hatchets, if the enemy has no ammunition gun (like Assault Rifle)

If you play Rust for a while already, you will see players trying to hit each other a lot of times. It is no wonder that most are luck-based because they do it wrongly.
I show you how to fight correctly by using tricks. 
The following tricks are for the case that your enemy wants to kill you, too. Thus, he doesn't run away.
1. Move straight forwards for some seconds!
Your enemy has to be at close-mid range about 10 to 20 meters. Doing this, most enemies will just follow you stupidly, they think it will continue like this all the time - and here comes the trick.
You let them think that you plan to run away like this consistently, that's why you have the surprise with you. 
Turn 180° suddenly, right towards to your enemy and prepare your hit on the move. Depending on your distance, you have to press the hit-button already before you turn 180°.
Your enemy will be surprised, he can't react on time, simply because we are humans. 
2. Don't spam-hit instantly. It will have no effects
How often I've seen people just holding the button and run all the time towards the enemy and back again. 
It has totally no effect, if your enemy is smart. You will have a feeling of how long it takes to complete one hit - use this feeling to press the button at the right moment, exactly when the enemy is right next to you.
You can also adjust your movement to the enemy if he spams the hit-button instantly. So that you are close always when he couldn't hit. 
You will need practice to do this one. Unlike the first trick, this one requires a lot of timing and experience for typical movements.
3. Use view-abating objects (e.g. bushes)
This works when you are faking a runaway. Your enemy will try to follow you, mostly by detail if he isn't that smart. Try to move through a bush, he will expect you to keep moving like you did before you passed the bush. At this moment, he cannot see what you do right now, he will just think that you do what you did before. 
Use this moment to turn 180° and crush him with your prepared hit! Another possibility is to go then (if you went always straight forward before) 90° to the left/right and kinda move an "L" around the bush after the pass, so that you pop up on the side of your enemy.

The following trick is for the case that your enemy doesn't want to kill you and runs away.
Don't follow him by detail, make way shorter
I see players a lot of time going some kind of "S"-way, like you would try to dodge some guns. This is totally what you should NOT do. And to make the enemy understand this, you have to abuse his mistake by making the way shorter.
He moves some kind of ">" ? You just move straight forward like this "|".
He moves some kind of "S"? You just move straight forward like this "|".
He moves some kind of "L"? You just cut the curve for shorter way.

This however requires some experience for the prediction about where the enemy will mostlikely go. Just study his movements, most are stupid enough to repeat instantly.

This tip is for people who run instantly straight forward:

If you see that your enemy runs away but he does move straight forward like he should, there is a way to counter it. Like I mentioned above, you have to have a bow with you. Basicly you follow the guy for about 1-2 minutes, you will see if he is the kind of person who runs straight forward. 
This also has the extra effect that your enemy thinks he is safe by doing straight movements.

Now comes the fun part you have to do quickly: Keep moving but stop sprinting - change to your bow and prepare the aim. 
Now foresee as he would still move forward (he will for 99% if all goes like said above) - that will make your arrow hit on the first try. He will be dead (by bleeding depending on HP). 
If you missed and your enemy noticed that you have a bow, he will mostlikely start to do the strange movements - then do the trick mentioned before. If he doesn't react to the arrow, you are lucky to try again ;)
How to get new houses quickly
You want to start a greater business now, since you spend time reading this guide, don't you? This is one next step for your fun in Rust by dominating the server. This way I owned more than 15 houses in just one server, not small ones of course.
Update: No regenerating buildings + C4 allows new possibilities; Check down below 

Before I start, please keep in mind that this way is very rude and nasty. You also have to keep in mind that you need a headquarter, just like the Roman Empire had Rome as HQ. So this means that you use your newly gained houses just as show-off, cover, quick storages. Therefore, I prefer you focus on one main house to extend it to a castle or anything else you'd like to.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the guide, you should look for houses around you. I hope that you checked them some more times, you will identify (depending on the population) some new houses or houses which increased by size. This is a good sign for activity and more victims!

Specially at night you might notice (as long as it is no Lantern going on) some lights inside a house, it's either a torch or a furnace. This proofs that there is a player in there or the owner of the house isn't too far away, so that he left the house newly and is about to come back soon (since he has to store something or sleep somewhere, right?).
Additionally, if you don't see lights but a person around, try to spectate him. You will notice if he is the owner of the house or not (also proofs that he is online, is required). Likewise, if you are about to hunt someone but he could escape into his house (you saw that) - just do like you would go away, instead camp somewhere in a little bush that he can't see you and keep an eye on him.
So, how do you start now, after you found such a house?
Firstly go close to the house, check if someone is sleeping there - if so, it can be a waste of time to wait for the owner to go out/come back because mostlikely the owner is the guy sleeping there, unless it is a group. 
You have to check if the house is locked by a simple locker or by a code lock. This will split your tactic into two ways, whereas the code lock-tactic is harder to do. 
Note: Older server means more Code Locks
Let's start with the easier tactic, the case where the house is locked by a simple locker:

1. Use your knowledge of territory and look around where you could observe the house or the person inside (if he is in the house)

2. Patience - you need a lot of patience, just imagine yourself going out and then coming back home, that's the approximate time you might wait. 

3.1 The enemy is not in the house but you are sure he is online/close (skip to 3.2 if he is in the house)
  • Wait at a spot where you have some overview about what's going on around you
  • Try to be hidden (don't stay at some wide open-field)
  • Once you see someone close, keep an eye on him to identify if it is the owner
  • Did you see him going into the house? There's your proof
  • Continue to step 3.2

3.2 The enemy is in the house
  • try to be close somewhere, but in a spot where he can't see you even with Third-Person-View
  • Wait for him to come out, don't crush him yet (he might escape into his house)
  • Wait for the right moment, if necessary follow him a bit
  • In case he gathers some resources (most people stay still while doing), use the moment to crush him and kill him from behind
  • Remember the close combat tricks mentioned before

4. Loot everything useful, such as: (important: make sure before that everything around you is clear)
  • Keys
  • Hatchet
  • Bow/Arrow
  • Medical care
  • Clothes
  • Cloth
  • Wood
  • Ores
  • Metal fragments
  • Weapons (if any)

5. Go to his house and use the keys to get into the house

6. Be careful when you are in, you do not know if he spawned in a sleeping bag somewhere

7. In case he is there, kill him with the tricks (he should be helpless as you killed him) - destroy sleeping bags

8. Go to the tool cupboard and clear the authorized list, put yourself in
Most houses are stupidly built, they have only one door and the rest is just some big show-off without any safety benefit. Thus, you can reach the tool cupboard easily. 

9. Use your hammer to demolish the door, replace it with your own door and put in your own Code Locker (that's why you have to bring it with you, mentioned before)

10. The house is yours, good job! 

This method annoys a lot of players, you will be insulted several times. That's what I can tell by my own experience.

The harder tactic, specially for Code Locked houses, is similar to the one above. There is just one very big difference:
You are not allowed allowed to follow/wait him to go further away from the house. You have to stick right in front of the door, morelikely on one side of the frontal door. 
This implies a lot of risks. 
You have to go into the house immediately once he opens the door, do the fight inside his house to make sure he cannot just close the door to be safe.
Remember the close combat tricks and once you killed him, keep going like explained in step 6-10. 

Keep in mind that this requires a lot of training and skills to accomplish
All gathering tools
Stone Hatchet
Price: 200 Wood, 100 Stones
Crafting time: 120s
Useful for: Trees
Stone Pick Axe
Price: 250 Wood, 125 Stones
Crafting time: 120s
Useful for: Stones
Salvaged Hammer
Price: 100 Wood, 50 Metal Fragments
Crafting time: 30s
Useful for: Useless
Price: 100 Wood, 50 Metal Fragments
Crafting time: 60s
Useful for: Trees
Salvaged Axe
Price: 50 Wood, 250 Metal Fragments
Crafting time: 120s
Useful for: Trees
Salvaged Icepick
Price: 50 Wood, 250 Metal Fragments
Crafting time: 180s
Useful for: Stones
Pick Axe
Price: 100 Wood, 50 Metal Fragments
Crafting time: 120s
Useful for: Stones

You can repair all these items with a repair bench for half the full price, without crafting time!
Raid houses - Statistics
This here is for those who want to raid buildings by destroying their walls, as there are no self-regenerating buildings anymore ;)
So, let's start with the first level of wall: Twig

It has 5 HP, the following list shows the melee damage to it.
No need for a list, it gets destroyed by everything, even a little beginner's rock.

The next level of wall is: Wood

It has 250 HP, the following list shows the melee damage to it + the total possible damage with full durability.
It gets destroyed by 1x C4 totally.
Recommended: Hatchet


The next level is: Stone

It has 500 HP, the following list shows the melee damage to it + the total possible damage with full durability.
Recomended: Pick Axe or C4
Melee Weapon Damage per hit Total damage (full dura)
Stone Hatchet 2 28 hits/56 dmg/td]
Stone Pick Axe 1 24 hits/24 dmg
Pick Axe 4 63 hits/totally destroyed
Hatchet 3-4 75 hits/240 dmg
Icepick 4-5 25 hits/112 dmg
Salvaged Axe 5-6 34 hits/187 dmg
Salvaged Hammer 0.5 31 hits/ 15dmg
Melee Weapon Damage per hit Total damage (full dura)
Stone Hatchet 0.33 26 hits/8 dmg
Stone Pick Axe 0.6 24 hits/15 dmg
Pick Axe 1.2 60 hits/72 dmg
Hatchet 0.5 68 hits/34 dmg
Icepick 1 24 hits/24 dmg
Salvaged Axe 0.8 30 hits/22 dmg
Salvaged Hammer 0.4 31 hits/12 dmg
C4 raiding stone walls:
If the C4 is placed in the middle
300 dmg to the aimed stone wall, 100 dmg splash to the other walls.

If the C4 is placed between two
300 dmg to the aimed stone wall, 150 dmg splash to the other wall.

The next level is: Metal sheet

It has 300 HP, the following list shows the melee damage to it + the total possible damage with full durability.
It gets destroyed by 1x C4 totally.
Recommended: C4
Melee Weapon Damage per hit Total damage (full dura)
Stone Hatchet 0.1 24 hits/4 dmg
Stone Pick Axe 0.3 24 hits/6 dmg
Pick Axe 0.5 58 hits/29 dmg
Hatchet 0.2 68 hits/17 dmg
Icepick 0.5 22 hits/10 dmg
Salvaged Axe 0.4 29 hits/10 dmg
Salvaged Hammer 0.2 32 hits/6 dmg

The next level is: Armored Metal

It has 1.000 HP, the following list shows the melee damage to it + the total possible damage with full durability.
Recommended: C4
Melee Weapon Damage per hit Total damage (full dura)
Stone Hatchet 0.2 25 hits/4 dmg
Stone Pick Axe 0.3 24 hits/6 dmg
Pick Axe 0.5 58 hits/29 dmg
Hatchet 0.2 68 hits/17 dmg
Icepick 0.5 22 hits/10 dmg
Salvaged Axe 0.4 29 hits/10 dmg
Salvaged Hammer 0.2 32 hits/6 dmg
C4 raiding armored walls
If the C4 is placed in the middle:
420 dmg to the aimed armored wall, 135 dmg splash to the other walls.

If the C4 is placed between:
420 dmg to the aimed armored wall, 210 dmg splash to the other wall.
How to get the airdrop
It is very important to know how to get the airdrop in Rust. Airdrops are the only source for weapon blueprints and useful weapons such as the Assault Rifle. This here will make your life easier to take airdrops.

First of all, you have to wait for an airdrop, obviously. Airdrops are either spawning by admin's power or the admin has setted some automated time to release airdrops e.g. every 3 hours. 

Once you see the airdrop, make sure to go to the direction approximately. An airdrop takes ages to land on the ground, thus you have enough time to go.

Here are tips on what to do and what to prevent:
1. Don't wait right below the airdrop
I have seen a lot of people waiting right below the airdrop but do you know what? Other people are interested in these airdrops, too. They will see you over there as free food, probably even equipped with guns. You have totally no cover below the airdrop and you are noticed by most players around. Some are even that stupid to look up to the airdrop instantly, so that you can even go just to them and kill them in close combat without risks.
2. Don't watch the airdrop all the time
Don't worry about your airdrop, it won't disappear. Instead take care of your area, look around you and check the situation.
3. Be aware of your situation
How much players are there? Did you hear weapons, if so, which ones? What are they doing? Are you alone? 
Keep this all in mind!
4. Stay hidden but close
Such a place could be on a close-by hill, in a bush, next to a few trees or anything else that gives you nice cover and isn't open-field.
5. Only take if you are not about to be stabbed from your back
When you see 10 players around the airdrop, kinda world war 3 and everyone hitting everyone with hatchets, then don't go to the airdrop and try to loot. Instead, use your close combat skills or kill people from the back who are about to loot the airdrop. Secure it for you.
6. Abuse that other people are busy
In case you see them all busy hunting each other, you might take the possibility to loot the airdrop. But don't loot it completely then, you have only about a few seconds. Take the gun (if there is any) and the ammo - with that, you can kill the people around you easily. Then you have enough time to loot everything, additional you can loot the players' inventories. 
This case is now for people who already own a weapon (with ammo) and are about to face others with weapons

I have seen it a lot of times - people with weapons have much better chances to get an airdrop, basicly to get another weapons again. 
I rarely play in a team, I prefer to play alone but elite. There are some tricks to beat up other players who own a weapon, even if they are in a group.

First of all, groups are morelikely to split up to check the area. Tips can be also used to a single enemy
1. Use camo and cover as key to victory
Try to get the group one-by-one, that will make stuff a lot easier. Take advantage of your territory.
2. Let them loot and kill them while they loot
Let them feel safe in the current situation. Don't show your appearance, they should think that they they are alone. Once they reached the airdrop, they are busy looting the stuff - use this situation to shoot them. Make precise shots, you have the advantage to be able to make 2-3 shots before they even realize you. 
The closer you are, the easier you can kill them - just make sure to be hidden before.
3. Wait for the right moment
As always, wait for the right moment. Don't rush, you have enough time. If you shoot too early, you will warn them and they will prepare, probably even beat you by outnumbering. 
Instead, wait for them to be in a bad position, comparable in a trap.
Some little tricks/tips
Here is a list of tricks/tips you can use any time in Rust.
Note: 3rd person view has been removed since newest update @17th February 2015
Trick 1:
You have to cross the river but you don't want to die by cold? Just switch to your torch and turn it on!
By doing so, you won't lose any health. Only works in day time, night is too cold.
Thanks to Phantisy for this

Trick 2:
Use the right gathering item to gather resources!
Stone Pick Axe, Pick Axe, Icepick for stones/rocks.
Stone Hatchet, Hatchet, Salvaged Axe for trees.
Trick 3:
You need light but you don't want to actually turn on the torch? 
Switch to Third-Person-View while having your torch choosen. Don't ignite it. It will be seen as ignited for you when you are 3rd person.

Trick 4:
Take advantage of 3rd person view to check out a house before you raid it!
Trick 5:
Need a quick hotspot for reasons like having a quick-spawn close to a soon raid? 
Buld up 1-2 foundations inside a bush, nobody will see them, barely will you. You can put onto it then a sleeping bag. The chance that anyone will see it is like 0.1%.
Trick 6:
You want to start together with a friend and you have no idea how to find each other? Just press F1 to open console, one of you has to repeatly kill himself by typing "kill". 
Spawns are not random, they are always around the warmer region, the beach.
Note: New possiblity: Craft a sleeping bag, place it and hold E, give it to a friend. Let him spawn on the sleeping bag.
Trick 7:
You want to loot useful stuff very quickly, like finding important blue prints without much effort? All you need is 30 cloth, make it to a sleeping bag and put it in a rad town. There you can respawn over and over again, loot everything useful, learn blueprints and die again - you can do this on several rad towns at the same time.
Trick 8:
You want to get into a house on its top floor? That's how you do it: Build like two towers around the house, has to be high enough to be out of the range of the tool cupbooard, build a bridge between them which is above the enemy's house. Now, simply jump off the bridge as you'd land on the roof top but during the jump, force your Rust to close (ALT+F4). 
Restart the game, join the server - you are inside the enemy's house now!
Trick 9:
While gathering, always move around your gathered object, keep looking around you this way. You should never be still on one position to gather resources!

~To be continued...~
Enjoy your way to domination!

This could be soon your home. 
Please remember that the tips, tricks and advises are only useful with some common sense, they do not work against every enemy since a few are actually smart players. 
The guide is based entirely on own experiences made by playing the game.

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