We are a laid-back and active multi-gaming group that is focused on gaming in Rust, CS:GO, & Arma 3. We have a highly dedicated group of administrators that monitor our servers and are always happy to be friendly and assist our members even with the smallest of issues. We offer you an invitation to join our official group servers, our Teamspeak, and discord. If you want a challenge, join one of our servers and play with the best we have. 

Welcome to Total Unlimited Gaming

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Forum Rules

All forum and community members are expected to follow the outlined guidelines by the TUGamers Community Code of Conduct. Please Remember these rules and guidelines not only apply to the forums but all the servers hosted by TUGaming .

Keep it constructive. We like our forums as clean as possible. If you do not have any constructive content to add to a discussion, keep it to yourself. Replying to a thread where a discussion is happening with smart-ass remarks, memes, insulting/passive aggressive comments and things of the like will not be permitted. When there is a somewhat heated debate happening, get your point across without resorting to being coarse. We are all allowed to have our opinions. How you decide to express them is what counts.


Treat all other forum and community members with respect.


  • Treat everyone the way that you want to be treated. While TUGamers understands that debates will happen in a place such as a gaming community, please do so in a calm and respectful manner.

  • The TUGamers staff will not tolerate racism, discrimination, harassment or personal attacks - not matter what form they are in. This also includes any form of anti-semitic comments, bigotry, sexual orientation, and posts that could be classified as stated above. Additionally, in any situation where you have the option to give out a title in any form, your naming convention must follow these guidelines. This includes TeamSpeak channels, in-game groups, gangs, usernames, base names, etc. TUGamers reserves the right to change any member's display name, at any time, if it deems the user's name to be offensive or against our community guidelines

  • Be as polite as possible to new members. If they are unknowingly violating any of our rules or guidelines, politely push them in the right direction and provide any guidance you can.

  • TUGamers expects all forum and community members to treat our moderating and administrative staff with respect, no matter what.

  • By using our forums, you are agreeing to these rules and agree that you will not post any messages that are obscene, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.


The shoutbox is for socializing, and nothing else.

The shoutbox may seem like the fastest and easiest place for you to rant, rage, complain of server downtime, ask detailed questions and get the attention of admins. However, the shoutbox is strictly for socializing with others when members are not gaming.

The shoutbox should NOT be used for

    • Disputing A Ban

    • Troubleshooting your computer or other technical components

    • Flaming/Raging/Disrespect

    • Contacting admins with questions about server uptime/downtime/maintenance.


Repeating any of the offences listed above will result in a temporary ban. If you continue to disregard our rules for the shout box, you will have your rights to use the shout box revoked.


No Pornography.

  • Let's not reinvent the wheel here. There are plenty of other places around the web capable of hosting this type of content. This is a gaming community. Not a fapping community.


No Spam

  • Spamming is not permitted; please keep all your posts as constructive as possible. Refrain from posting excessively in a row and collate all your points in one post. Unnecessary bumping of topics is also considered spam. Please refrain from posting meaningless threads. Threads that contain only links and lack constructive dialogue will be deleted. Exceptions will be made for the ‘Media’ sub-forum and threads where gaming and non gaming videos are welcomed.

  • Registering on this website in an effort to advertise any personal content (e.g. a youtube/twitch channel, etc) is not allowed (or advertising of any kind). If you’re not here to get to know our community, take your advertising elsewhere.


No Trolling

  • Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest and/or disturbance on the forums.

  • Picking fights or insulting other members


No Duplicate Accounts

  • There is no reason for any member to have duplicate accounts. Except for BigBadRobot. Deal with it. Please note that if you are caught creating duplicate accounts to evade a forum/server ban, all your accounts will be globally banned without chance of being unbanned, period.


No Cyber Bullying

  • Cyber bullying is a very serious problem in this day and age. Anyone found participating in any acts that could be categorized as cyber bullying will be removed from the forums and community immediately. TUGamers is a place where people of all shapes and sizes can game and socialize.


Do Not Abuse Admin Powers

  • When granted admin powers, please do not abuse them. This includes.

    • Kicking/Banning for no reason on the forums (Although not directly related to the forums, this includes TeamSpeak/Game Servers)

    • Hiding/Deleting/Moving posts/threads without reason

    • Editing other members posts/profile/details

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