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  3. Police Commissioner Application

    Well worded post Dragon, Welcome to the Senior Management team -Hasan
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  5. Police Commissioner Application

    What is your in game name?: Doc Why do you want the role of Police Commissioner?: I am currently in the police force and i am willing to put the work into setting the faction up to high standards and to make it succeed and i have the time to give to the faction and its "members". i have made training before and i have experience in leading and talking to men that i have to work with and the ones below me. i can understand that different people have different views on things in the faction and i will be willing to take them into consideration but also to make a distinction that would be final. i do not tolerate fast tracking and the faction being in professional or treating other member with disrespect. I can consistently be online for play if there are a lack of cops or if it seems that I would be more of use on the cop side of things at that given time. I am always willing to learn but at the same time have the necessary skills to be a leader when needed. Like I said before I have hours upon hours of experience in this area of of expertise and would love the chance to show it. I think I can show throughout the game that I am very capable of taking orders and executing them. I am very respectful person and I'm not afraid to show it, but would like respect that a rookie deserves in return. If I am given the chance in an interview after the application then I will show you my full potential in communication and talking to people. I speak fluent English and consider myself easy to understand. I think with all of these traits in mind I am a perfect candidate for the police comissioner What skills/experience can you bring to the role?: i have experience in leading men in mil sim and i have lead men in the United Nations in bb. i am willing to learn new thing and i can listen to people and understand there points about the fation or member of it and to put in perspective the bigger and smaller out comes of the situations in hand. i can do google docs and write training and deal with member that brake rules and do not follow the guild lines. Briefly describe your vision of the police force under your control (including how you would adjust the rank structure and departmental system, your approach to training i would use the ranks as follows: 1. police cadet: this rank would be fore someone that has made an application but is still having a look at the faction and getting in game experience with other police officer on a ride a long. 2. police constable: this rank like and other then cadet would start to do there training and take cadet on a ride a long and show them the job and the way the ranked police work and operate in situations. 3. police senior constable: he would do the higher end training and start to look into different courses like firearms and tactics and fast response and negotiating 4. police sergeant: he will do the training and courses with other members and lead a sanction or a couple of towns on the map 5. duty sergeant: they would deal with application and editing the courses and trainings keeping them up to date and making sure that the police get a retest after a certain amount of time and making sure the sgt are doing the training correctly 6. inspector: they would lead the departments in the police like armed response (SFO) and deal with problems in the faction that involve like applications or having to warn member 7. chief inspector: he would be my right hand man helping me arrange meetings and would kick or ban member from the faction and to deal with big problems the racism or disrespect in the faction 8. commissioner: he would deal with appointing (SFO) commander and dealing with complaints and problems with the faction and helping write the laws and the police rules and guidelines.
  6. Police Commissioner Application

    Recently, the current police commissioner, Michael, has stepped down from his position. This means that the role has now become available again, and due to the small roster of the police force, the position is available to be applied for by any current member of the community. In order to apply, please reply to this forum post and complete the below template. What is your in game name?: Why do you want the role of Police Commissioner?: What skills/experience can you bring to the role?: Briefly describe your vision of the police force under your control (including how you would adjust the rank structure and departmental system, your approach to training etc.): Successful applicants will be invited for an interview with myself and other management members. Applications close midnight on the 25th of September All applicants will be personally contacted either on Teamspeak or through the website regarding the outcome of their application no later than the 27th of September Good luck to all, Dragon Malden Life Division Supervisor
  7. Flight Sim Screens

    Some screens from Xplane 11
  8. Suggestions/ideas for the Police.

    Moved to Correct area.
  9. Teamspeak Updates: September

    Added - An Away From Keyboard Area which Includes these channels with their restrictions: Movie Room [DND] - No one is able to poke you whilst you're in that channel and people cannot speak/type. Poke If Needed - No one is able to speak in this channel/type. Away From Keyboard - No one is able to speak in this channel/type.
  10. Teamspeak Updates: September

    Added - An Icon for the Ark Server Group:
  11. Teamspeak Updates: September

    Added - All the permissions for the Tags & Channels for the New Teamspeak Server: tugaming2017.ts3.mejorserver.com
  12. Teamspeak Updates: September

    This is where all the updates which are made by the Teamspeak Development Team are logged for members to see what fixes & changes are being made to make the server run correctly and all the permissions are in order. Key: Added - This is what key would be used if anything is added onto the teamspeak such as a "Server/Channel" group etc. Changed - This key would be used for if a certain permission or group was changed in a way which would affect members Removed - This key would be used if something was to be deleted from the Teamspeak.
  13. Earlier
  14. We are pleased to announce we have some exciting new features which will be coming to our Malden Life UK server. This exciting new tuning shop will allow players to customise their vehicles, for example neon underglow lights to nitro boosts.
  15. New Casino

    We have added some great new features into our malden life server for a example a casino and you are able to place bets. In the next patch we shall be introducing blackjack.
  16. Police Vehicle's and Uniforms Suggestions

    If you have some experience in re-texturing vehicles, uniforms etc we are looking for a new graphics designer. If you can post some of your work, it'll be great to see it. @C. Harper He is very good at making textures and probably one of the most outstanding developers I know. So keep up the good work Harper.
  17. Police Vehicle's and Uniforms Suggestions

    If you have experience in skinning, why dont you show your designs that YOU have done. Cause i skinned for GTA4 and 5. So i like to see if this has been taken off so other developer who actually took time and effort to do the skins and i mean not to stick a logo on the side of the car fully design the car from scratch..
  18. Police Vehicle's and Uniforms Suggestions

    Any way I could do something like this? I have experience in skinning vehicles, especially police, I made lots of police car skins for GTA5?
  19. Jeremy Vine: Disgusted!

    Go on BBC 2 RADIO and look for Jermey Vine.
  20. Jeremy Vine: Disgusted!

    Harper is it on youtube?
  21. Jeremy Vine: Disgusted!

    Jeremy Vine: Disrespecting those who Fought in the War! On 17th August 2017, a man named Jeremy Vine was on Radio 2 and said a lot of disrespectful things about the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and comparing a BBMF Plane to “a MOP”. Yes, the ones that are used to clean the floor… He compared it to that and saying that they are useless and stupid. Which I think at that point everyone who heard that was disgusted and offended of such words. I will have him know that those Planes are not like “a MOP” they are “Freedom Fighters”. The BBMF Planes were there to stop the German Luftwaffe and stopped the invasion of Britain. If it wasn’t for the BBMF Planes then probably most of us wouldn’t be here, more of our families would/could’ve been killed. Those Servicemen and Women who used those planes and fought against the German’s and sacrificing their own lives to others and for the countries freedom! These Wonderful machines have made History. Every time I’ve been to an Air show and the BBMF Planes fly over or take off and fly in formations, I will see Servicemen, Veterans and members of the public that are in tears and remembrance of those who flew and associated in the War makes it a special event. Now for him to say such things and disrespecting our British Machinery and our Servicemen who fought for other countries and ours. Makes me feel disgusted of him. Now many people are wanting him removed off BBC and there is a big petition that has already gone over 800,000 petitions as many people are so disgusted of the way to disrespect those who fought for us... Lest We Forget...
  22. Moriforever

    Welcome To TUG My Friend If u have any Concerns or issues Please Contact me Or any Admin Steven Simsons Community Director
  23. Moriforever

    hey guys whats up, i'm Mori short for Morias. new guy to the community and looking forward to playing with you guys
  24. Dear Programmers, Story writers, Song writers I have started a draft for a new project along with my current Runescape project i want to work on starting to draft ideas for our very own MMORPG want to be involved??? Get in touch with myself! GTnKGaming
  25. The beginning

    Hey guys GTnKGaming here I am the owner of the Runescape server here at TUG, We are currently starting work on development, Our server is going to be a Jagex like private server i am completely open to suggestions and feedback. I look forward to playing with you all Thanks TUG Runescape Team GTnKGaming
  26. Runescape: Server Changelog

    Added - If the text is shown like this, It means something has been added to the server Changed - Something has been changed Removed - We have removed something from the server
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